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Oil Dye - Black

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Black Fingerboard Stain

Most ebony is not jet black in appearance these days. I actually prefer wood that looks like wood but if you have a customer that wants a jet black look, it is easy to achieve with this dye. Being a high quality oil-base stain it will penetrate into the wood. that give colored ebony fingerboards and bridges a uniform black appearance. You can make it look just like plastic!! (please excuse my lame sarcasm)  Easy to apply. Use a pair of latex gloves to keep from staining your hands! Used by many large manufacturers.  $6.95 per bottle. Item Name: Black Fingerboard Oil Dye
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Price: $6.95
  Low VOC dye Same basic formula. Cost is a little more. The great news is is is safe and legal to ship in California so it will be fine for the rest of the states. When our stock of the regular dye above is gone we will only carry the Low VOC version. Item Name: Black Fingerboard Oil Dye Low VOC
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Price: $7.95

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