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The Luthiers Shop Room 3


above: Ebony fret board with vine inlay is prepared, thicknessed, tapered, radiused, and inlayed in that order. Board is set into our slotting machine referenced to a centerline. above: Box sealing tape is placed over the inlay so that if a piece should come loose the saw blade won't throw it across the shop never to be found again. By leaving the tape extra wide, (pen marks) Removing the tape is much easier. above: binding is now being installed to finish up.

If you would like more information on our fret slotting service try this link.

left: fret board with binding ready for installation. The jig you seeing the photo is to aid in the binding installation process.
right: This walnut will become instrument sets very shortly but it was so beautiful I had to just bring it into the house and stare at it for a while, much to the dismay of my wife.




Room One bracing, clamping methods  looking for high quality woods? please take a look at our luthier supply page 


Room Two rosettes, side bending
Room Three slotting ebony fret board with vine inlay



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  Order Line  800-953-3035 

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