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RS-2 Allen Cast Tailpiece

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RS-2   Allen Resophonic  Resonator / Guitar Tailpiece  We now have regular production tailpieces available in this model. (Ball End Strings Only) RS-2 Series  resonator tailpiece is designed for 6,7 & 8 string configurations. Although the tailpiece was designed with the resophonic in mind it will do nicely on an other instruments as well,  where a ball end string is to be used.  Jewelry quality finishes include  polished bronze, nickel (rhodium) & gold. 
  • MADE IN USA!!!!   
  • One piece cast design (no more lost, stuck or rattling coverplates!!)
  • Improved Tone, Volume & Sustain!
  • Improved string hitch (easier string changes!!)
  • Holes on the Allen model match standard pattern (no modification of instrument!)
  • End is radiused to fit instrument contour better. String spacing is 2 1/4" on all RS-2


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RS-2 Allen  Bronze

Item Name: RS-2 Bronze
List Price: $95.00
Price: $85.00

First, thank you for a great product. I have just received my new dobro tailpiece and it is, of course, beautiful, functional, and a bargain in a world full of "make do" products.  Bravo.
Secondly, and perhaps mostly, thank you for your exceptional customer service!  Not only do you communicate well, but you shipped the product immediately and even refunded a significant portion of the shipping fee!  I am so very pleased.
This is the second tailpiece I have purchased  from you.  You have an advocate here in Northern Vermont, for sure! Thank you again, and all the best to you. Regards;
Skip, VT
  Item Name: RS-2 Aged Bronze
Item Number: RS-2 Aged Bronze
Price: $103.15


Read all the Reviews of the RS-2 "Just short note about the RS-2 tailpiece I recently bought. Wow, what a difference it made on my reso, it really opened that guitar up! A marked increase in volume, richness of tone and sustain...and it looks very spiffy cool too! You did a great job on it, everyone should have one, that's my honest opinion" Ron Bendnar.
RS-2  Allen  Nickel    Item Name: RS-2 Nickel Bright Polish
List Price: $115.00

Item Name: RS-2 Nickel Bright Polish
Item Number:
Price: $103.00

Steve writes: "Just received my Allen Resophonic RS2 tailpiece Bottom end is dramatically improved as is the sustain Best upgrade short of a new high end resophonic!"
RS-2  Allen  Gold Item Name: RS-2 Gold Bright Polish
List Price: $119.00
Price: $107.00

"The tailpiece seems to have given my D 60 a more lively action. I *really* liked that. It had an improved response over the entire range, but especially in the Bass. I would not hesitate to say that I found a definite improvement in my guitar after installing Randy's new tailpiece. " Gary Chansler
RS-2  Allen  Satin Gold Item Name: RS-2 Satin Gold
List Price$119.25
Price: $107.25

"I installed the tailpieces ALLEN on my dobro squareneck to play the bluegrass C 'is great, the sound is more powerful and greatly improved. I recommend it! Greetings Gérard FRANCE"
RS-2 on a Jerry Timm dobro All of our tailpieces are Proudly Made in the USA!  High quality casting, sculpting and finishing!
Allen Matching End Pin Button Gold or Nickel Item Name: Allen Matching End Pin Button
Item Number:
Price: $5.00


  Tailpiece installation DVD video with Randy Allen. Install your tailpiece like a professional! 120 min video covers all models and most trouble spots you will encounter. Originally $35.00 Now only $10.00 !
 Our Original Trailer is here:  About 6 meg file size. (will play in IE and Firefox, but with chrome you will have to save to your drive before playing)
Item Name: Tailpiece Installation DVD
Item Number:
Price: $10.00


Tailpiece Finish Examples

From Left to Right: 1. Bronze after 2-3 years of age 2. Polished Bronze 3. Gold 4. Satin Gold 5. Satin Nickel 6. Nickel




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