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Tristan Scroggins Tristan Scroggins ( is an Award winning mandolinist and composer from Denver Colorado. Tristan has toured extensively in the US, Canada and Ireland for the last six years with the critically acclaimed bluegrass band Jeff Scroggins and Colorado.

Currently uses an Allen MR-2 on a Stelling Mandolin.

Winner of many music awards and currently nominated for IBMA Mandolin Player of the year!



Jesse Brock

Two time IBMA Mandolin Player of the Year!!


Jesse Brock

I first met Jesse Brock about 1996 or 1997 at a CBA bluegrass festival. He was an in incredible mandolin player then and has just continued to raise the bar! I saw Jesse and Michael Cleveland play a mandolin duet at SuperGrass recently and believe me it was an industrial strength performance! Jesse Brock plays mandolins fitted with Allen Cast tailpieces, TR-1, TR-3.  He called and said "they made a huge difference on his mandolin, better volume and sustain, more open tone" (Gibson Sam Bush model)  Jesse  toured and recorded with Michael Cleveland and  Flamekeeper for quite a few years. He was a guest recording artist on Michael Cleveland's "Let 'Er Go, Boys!"  He also has a solo recording out that is awesome!! called "Kickin' Grass" on Pinecastle Records. Nominated for the IBMA Instrumental Album of the Year 2003 Jessie installed an TR-3 on his Gibson Sam Bush model F-5, he said it made a very definite improvement in the tone and volume of the mandolin, "increased volume and the tone is more open"

  Randy Jones

Lonesome River Band


Randy Jones is an awesome mandolin player with one of the top bluegrass bands in the country! He plays a couple of mandolins both with Allen cast TR-2 tailpieces. I always feel a little like a proud papa when I see a tailpiece that I made being used to make great music! One is on several mandolins from Jonny Gray and the other is on mandolins from Glenn Moonbeam.
Tim Laughlin Tim is using an Allen TR-1 mandolin tailpiece on his new mandolin. You can check his MySpace page.
David Grisman David uses an Allen TR-10 mandolin tailpieceon an older 10 string instrument that had a failing tailpiece.
Alex Gable American mandolinist and composer/ arranger of acoustic world music. As a mandolinist and arranger, he's worked with accomplished musicians from all over the world. He received his bachelors degree in performance from Berklee College of Music in 2012.

During his experience at Berklee, Alex was featured in Grammy Award winning Alejandro Sanz's music video for "La Musica No se Toca," and well as Vasuda Sharma's video for "Jhaggi Jhaggi."

Chris Hillman I have been a fan of Chris Hillman for quite some time. Chris uses one of our Allen cast MR-2 tailpieces on a signature model Breedlove mandolin.
Chris Harris - Mandolin & Lead/Harmony Vocals  Dale Ann Bradley Band Chris Harris Is using an Allen TR-3 mandolin tailpiece on his F-style mandolin. Caught their sets at Grass Valley with the Dale Ann Bradley Band! Wow!  (personally one of my favorite bluegrass bands ever!) He is a awesome player! Love his style. He is also quite a vocalist! Honored to have Chris using one of my Allen Tailpieces!
Eddie Perez

Dwight Yoakum Band


Sent an Allen TR-2  mandolin tailpiece to a music store in the LA area that was going out on the road with the mandolin player for the Dwight Yoakum Band. After a bit of research I discovered the mandolin / lead guitar player is Eddie Perez!! Edward Anthony Perez (born June 26, 1968 in Los Angeles, California) is an American guitarist and singer. He currently records and tours with country artist Dwight Yoakam. Prior to joining Yoakam, Perez was a member of the Grammy award-winning, multi-platinun band The Mavericks. He has also played with other notable artists such as James Intveld, Connie Smith, Jim Lauderdale, Miranda Lambert, Lee Ann Womack, Gary Allan and Kim Richey. In addition to his work with The Mavericks, he has worked with Mavericks' lead singer, Raul Malo, on his solo projects. Perez played on the Peter Asher produced Malo record, You're Only Lonely.
Joe Walsh

Plays with an Allen TR-3 Mandolin Tailpiece on his Gilchrist.

Joe Walsh is an awesome mando picker. He is recording and touring with the Gibson Brothers and has a couple of solo projects out. This Sweet Loam project is sweet!! You can get a copy from Joe here.
  Pete Grant Great dobro, pedal steel player who has a long discography. Peter uses one of our Allen cast RS-2 dobro tailpieces.
Kathy Barwick

Plays an Allen Resophonic with an Allen cast RS-2 tailpiece.


Kathy Barwick is a wonderful reso player as well as an accomplished flat picker.  Kathy has toured and recorded with a number of bluegrass artists over the past twenty years, including the Bluegrass Philharmonic, Bill Grant & Delia Bell, the All Girl Boys and the Avocado Brothers.  Check out the MP-3s below! She has recently joined up with  "Mountain Laurel" Kathy's playing is prominently featured on the second CD, Trouble At The Mine.

MP3 Panhandle Rag with Kathy Barwick & Jim Beeler

MP3 Powder Creek with Kathy Barwick & Jim Beeler


Dominick Leslie

Plays with an Allen TR-3 Mandolin Tailpiece

Dominick is currently a member of The Deadly Gentlemen, The Grant Gordy Quartet and the Lily Henley Band. Whether writing a new piece, learning a tune or performing with his confreres, Dominick will always share his love of music with others and enjoy playing the mandolin.
Ethan Anderson

The Anderson Family Bluegrass Band

Ethan Anderson is probably the youngest professional player using our tailpieces. Ethan uses an AR-2 Allen cast tailpiece. The Anderson Family Bluegrass Band is a very good bluegrass band and fun to watch. Check them out soon!!
Buck Owens


August 12,1929 - March 25 2006

Thank you Buck for the many years of wonderful music! I was so glad I got the chance to tell you that in person. This world is a better place because you were here! Randy Allen

Tom Bekeny Tom is an accomplished mandolin player He tours and records with one of my personal favorites The Kathy Kallick Band. Tom was part of Laurie Lewis’s Grant Street Stringband and is featured on Laurie’s & Kathy’s album, Together.  Tom has also been a member of High Country. Tom is using an AR-2 Allen tailpice.
Massimo Gatti One of the best mandolin players from Europe. Usually he will be playing a mandolin fitted with an Allen MR-2 model tailpiece. I say "usually" because he owns and plays many mandolins. He has recorded 11 or so CD's and whole bunch more.
Mountain Laurel Bluegrass Band  Without a doubt one of my favorite local (local to me that is) bluegrass bands. They have a great catalog of original and traditional tunes with really well executed arrangements. Kathy Barwick Plays an Allen Dobro that is set up with an Allen cast tailpiece.
Rich Ferguson Gospel Creek Rich Ferguson plays a custom Allen resophonic guitar. He said in a recent letter " this is probably the best (resophonic) guitar in the country." Rich Ferguson Plays an Allen Dobro that is set up with an Allen cast tailpiece.

They have a couple of CD's available or for booking information contact: Rich Ferguson 510-568-0887

John Branstetter


John Branstetter is a gifted musician who writes lyrics and music. He loves gospel music and is comfortable with most stringed instruments in his hands.
Donny Catron Donny plays an Allen D-H Custom Guitar. A dreadnought herringbone with South American Rosewood back & sides.   We included a few features that Donny wanted on this guitar. He prefers the small tuning buttons and we also used a flat finish on the neck. He likes the vintage look so we tinted the top to give it that aged appearance.   Check out the article on Donny in the winter 96' issue of the Soundboard.

Donny Catron of   "The Tennesee Gentlemen"  For CD's or booking contact: 

Doyle ( 901-726-0959)


Peter Oliva


Peter is a gifted songwriter / performer. Among his credits included a tour performing with the "Byrds". His songs aren't just intended to change your mood, but also your heart. 

Peter is often touring the USA He has recently written a lot of new material Peter plays an Allen D-Custom guitar.

Since 2001 Peter has been writing and taking his music in  a new direction. He has a new CD that is very soon to be released. Stay Tuned!

Peter has a couple of CD's available, one  titled, " The Eye Of The Storm" This project has some great musicians taking part, including Gene Parsons. Another titled "History" Check out his site:



Sara Jorosz Sara is a great player singer-songwriter. She uses an Allen MR-2 cast tailpiece on a custom instrument built by Fletcher Brock.
Ted Garber

Grizzly Peak Bluegrass Band

Ted plays an Allen Dobro set up with an Allen RS-1 tailpiece.

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